WAMP orange icon on Windows 7 – fix

A strange thing tweak I had to do after installing WAMP on Windows 7. It showed me the orange icon and it didn’t work until I clicked on WAMP Icon > Apache > Service > Install Service | Start Service.
Usually that one was installed automatically.

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jQuery curCss Error – Quick Fix

After jQuery was updated to version 1.8.x some scripts started to trigger some errors. One of those is about the deprecated function named curCss.
If you can’t upgrade your jQuery UI files or downgrade the jQuery script to an older version… you can fix the error by adding a simple line that restores the curCss functionality ( it’s simmilar with .css() ):

<script type="text/javascript">
     jQuery.curCSS = jQuery.css;

This line needs to be added anywhere, after you load the  jQuery script. Can be added even in your script files.


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MediaBook – WordPress Template

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WAVE CV * First Impression

A concept for a website that acts like a resume.

The idea is to be a little more creative when you are presenting yourself online.

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Before/After Viewer – WordPress Plugin


  • It can handle one before-after project or a list.
  • lightbox option
  • Every project can have a title/small info, that will displayed under the viewer.
  • Designed to work in all major browsers and even on touch devices.
  • Can be used even as simple image viewer, if you don’t provide the alternate image for the projects.

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360 degrees viewer – WordPress plugin

This viewer uses a list of images to simulate a 360 degrees object rotation, object animation or panoramas…
The multiple interaction methods makes is usable even on touch devices.
It supports:

  • 3 ways of interacting with the viewer
    • control bar
    • main drag&rotate area
    • rotation toggle button
  • You can use any number of images

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